Nayantara in love

Nayantara: I will find my man soon


Nayantara in love

Despite her much-publicized love affair and the subsequent break-up with celebrity stars like Simbu and Prabhudeva, actress Nayanthara doesn’t appear to have lost faith in the ‘concept’ of love. “I’m aware that somewhere out in the globe, there is a soul which has born especially to take care of and live with me. I’m sure the Almighty would soon guide me to him,” she has said.

Nayan and gossips are never far from each other. The actress was spotted getting close to Simbu till the making of the latter’s Vallavan a few years back and suddenly broke off apparently because of Simbu’s ‘intolerable’ attitude. When she starred in Prabhudeva’s Villu opposite Vijay, she fell in love with the bearded director and was happy in love for more than three years till the couple decided to part ways early this year.

Nayan had Prabhu’s name tattooed in her hands and even converted into Hinduism in order to marry him but the exact reasons for their break-up is still not known. Making a comeback in films after the break-up, Nayana has a handful of films including 3 Telugu films and a solitary film in Tamil opposite Ajith.

Speaking during a break in shoot of one of her films recently, Nayan has said “God has given me plenty of things to feel happy about; I still have an unshakeable faith in being kind and in love. I’m sure God would sooner or later guide me to that person who is born especially to take care of and live with me in future. As such, I don’t have any immediate plans of getting married.

“If a film of mine flops, I’d try to rectify the mistakes in my next film and would ensure that the mistakes are not repeated. In real life also, if we don’t get something we are desperately in need of, it’s better for us to forget. Bitter experiences help a long way in making us progress in lives. Today’s bad occurrence might turn out into a happy event tomorrow,” says Nayan, getting into a philosophical mode.



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