Nayan and Prabhu split ?

nayanthara prabhu deva split

Nayan and Prabhu split , Nayan and Prabhu split , Nayan and Prabhu split ! Jeez …..Now why would you believe such things folks. Relax ….we shall deliver you some good news. Tinsel town was recently abuzz with the news that Kollywood diva Nayanthara and her hubby-to be Prabhu Deva have called it quits with Prabhu Deva taking his sons to a foreign country for a nice trip. With their marriage date not yet announced it only added more fuel to the speculation.

Now when things get out of control Kollytalk true to it’s mission brings things under control (..uhh…just caught up in the super-hero mode…:)).We decided to unveil the scene behind the curtains (which is ironically true in this case…).On inquiring deeper, we came to know that things are just as lovey-dovey as before with Prabhu and Nayan (…gotta kick those gossip makers for inking this fairytale romance….). Infact Nayan herself disclosed, “There is nothing true to that…all that are just rumours. Prabhu was really busy with the shoots for his movies. It’s a special time for both of us and we are enjoying every moment of it. ” When volleyed with THE question of the marriage date Nayan said, “The date will be announced soon” quite assumingly. (Now Nayan….don’t keep us hanging anymore….).

So there it goes people it’s still On! and the wedding date will be updated soon exclusively at Kollytalk. All you need to do is keep those eyes ROL’N!




  1. David billa

    Hats off to prabu deva.Simbu pavicha sarake,ippo ni kalyanam pane oore.Podam da sam,intha kadal,ponugelam naam valvin savam.

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