Narain bids adieu to Kollywood


Mugamoodi villain Narain has some regrets.He started off in Mollywood through Nizhalkuthu , had a big hit in 4 the People and later entered Tamil in Mysskin’s Chithiram Pesuthadi.

Switching between both industries and pocketing hits like Anjathe, and Jiiva’s KO the talented Narain got his big offer in Mugamoodi, playing the antagonist. Being Kollywood’s first-ever superhero project it required both Jiiva and Narain to commit themselves for a long period of time.Though there were mixed reviews,Jiiva did come out in the open stating that the film was a success, he was happy with the result. On the other hand, Narain feels that he missed out on many potential offers from the neighboring Mollywood industry.He says, “During Mugamoodi there were many offers that came my way but I couldn’t give them any dates due to my packed schedule ,also having to hone skills in martial arts for the heavy fight sequences. I will have to choose either Malayalam or Tamil cause it’s not easy to balance both.” It is noteworthy that all his upcoming films including Ezhamathe Varavu,Mumbai Dosth,Kaakki Sattai Remake and Jewel are exclusively in Malayalam.So has Narain bid adieu to Kollywood?





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