Nandha:I shall never marry an actress

Nandha Vellore Maavattam still

Actor Nandha has gone on record saying that though he hadn’t given any serious thoughts about getting married and settling down in matrimony in the near future, he was sure about one thing: that he would never marry an actress. “As and when I get married, the bride would definitely be from outside the film fraternity,” said Nandha.

Despite doing films here and there in between effective films like Eeram, Nandha hasn’t been able to be among the top. Give him any role and he would make the best use of it within his own limitations. Yet, stardom has sadly eluded him. Nandha hopes that his upcoming venture ‘Vellore Mavattam’ opposite Poorna would click in a big way.

The film is slated for release in the month of October and would be released either before or after Deepavali depending on the availability of theatres. Nandha was spotted at the recent press-meet held in connection with the release of the film. He was as cool as ever as he addressed various questions from pressmen.

When a scribe asked whether he would be marrying an actress, pat came the reply from Nandha that it was “out of the question”. Elaborating further, he said “I shall never get married to an actress or someone from the film industry. If the husband and wife are in the same profession especially in films, it won’t augur well for the family. I’d tie the nuptial knot with a girl chosen by my family and it would be more than enough if she takes good care of me and the family and turn out to be a good home-maker!” concluded Nandha.



  1. spoilers

    Today’s media as taken up the role of Making news and bring up news from the above where u wrote in quation “As and when I get married, the bride would definitely be from outside the film fraternity” so y did the title as u want some actress to protest and cover that too ???

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