Namitha’s Kannada film fails to make waves

Namitha I love you Pics

Sex-bomb Namitha’s latest Kannada film ‘I love You Namitha’, which recently hit the screens, has failed to make any impact on the audience as well as at the box-office, reports from Sandalwood say.

Namitha, who finds strangely out of favour with Tamil film producers and directors, started committing herself to whatever language projects that came her way. One such film was ‘I Love You Namitha’ (ILYN), which had Namitha playing the lead role and directed by Jayasimha Reddy. Sadly enough, the director appears to have failed rapidly in tapping Namitha’s oomph factor to ensure the film’s success.

Even ardent Namitha fans can’t sit through the film, it is said. The over-all making is sans any acceptable logic and interest, reports say. It is further stated that except for a couple of songs in which Namitha oozes glamour and oomph, there is nothing in the script or in others’ performance which would force the viewers to throng the screens where the film is being shown.

Namitha plays an Yoga teacher in the film whose job is primarily to offer counseling to treat students who become directionless in their studies due to their ‘extreme interest in sex’ and related matters. Namitha’s advice results in reforming the student to such an extent that they are made to feel that education is the utmost priority for them and everything else, including sex, can wait for some time!

Namitha appears in ‘decently-clad’ costumes for most part of the film, which takes the sheen out of her role in the film. Even the script is a shoddy attempt as the lead actors appear to be going through the motions in stead of emoting properly. The film is likely to be dubbed into Tamil but one is not sure the film’s box-office performance in Tamil would be any different from the fate it met with in Kannada!



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