Namitha launches thalakonam audio Still

Namitha refuses to play lesbian

Namitha launches thalakonam audio Still

Hottie Namitha has recently turned down a ‘hot’ offer to play a lesbian in an upcoming film. The actress has not only refused to star in the film but has also said that she is not a supporter of the ‘same-sex’ groups.

Known to ooze sex from top to bottom in all her films, Namitha has been out of reckoning in Tamil films for the past couple of years or so. Whatever roles she has taken up in recent times, she has ensured that she ‘exposes’ only to a decent level and doesn’t go overboard. She is said to be in a happy frame of mind though she doesn’t have many films on hand.

When a director approached her and narrated to her a script containing a spirit’s story, Namitha was obviously impressed. Trouble erupted when the director said that the script had a sequence wherein Namitha’s character would have to have ‘sex’ with a female spirit. Namitha defiantly opposite the script and said that she won’t be doing the film.

“I’m not a supporter of the same-sex groups….even for films I won’t be seen to be supporting their cause. Please don’t mistake me; I’m not interested in your project!” was Namitha’s curt replay to the director.

Hats off to Namitha for standing by her policy!


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