Namitha On weight Reduction for upcoming movie


Now a days Namitha‘s real assets are dominating even the screen dimensions. ‘Simha’ is the latest movie where namitha’s much talked hot beauties have almost overflowed from the screen place offering a new pleasure (pressure) for movie buffs.

Ask Namitha on this, the hot actress says, “I’m quite happy with my body shape. Curves lend mazza and I can’t understand why people lament on my shapes rather my performance.

I have reduced my weight for my next film due to start shortly”, adjoins Namitha. who has been cutting the flab at Mumbai

Sources even say that, Namitha will come back to South not as an artist this time who needs to live at the mercy of opportunities but Namitha has decided to turn up a producer. Wonder, again namitha may start acting in her own movies with reduced beauty sizes.



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