Namitha is the new Shakeela

Namitha is the new Shakeela

Yeah, yeah yeah….thats right! It’s the latest HOT news doing the Kollywood rounds. Even though many family cine goers might have had enough of the still-plump-and ready-to-stump Namitha’s 2011 releases, technically there are a whole lot of bachelors fighting for the first show tickets. After taking the exposing ways in ‘Ilaignan’ and her last release ‘Namitha I Love You’ the Surat super bomb is back with a Boom-Bang!

Namitha will try to get under the skin or rather shed some in a new movie themed around none other than Mollywood – Queen of cheap thrills, Shakeela. Addressed as  Shaki chechi by her ardent fans, her debut B-grade flick in Tamil titled “Playgirls” also starred another big-looks siren in Silk Smitha (Vidya Balan grabbed the fruitful opportunity for playing Silk in the upcoming Dirty Picture)  .In fact Shaki chechi’s efforts have been so intense that some Malayalam theaters even declined to showcase her movies owing to her over-flowing charisma. Now heiress Namitha looks all set to restore the lost sheen as fans wait with a baited breath for this plump release.

So it’s a pleasing ‘Shakeela drenched Namitha’ we get to see,uhhh naughty! .




  1. Vasin

    Yaar enna sonnalum mela Namitha alaga irka; firm body n bum and a nice face. Entha gent um antha photo va no good nu solla maatanga. @kh nadikaran…Sri Lanka Potato! 

  2. vasanth

    damn…damn man…am i drunk?fuck…hell is real…fuckin sick…somebody tell me this namitha photo is photoshop’ed or please somebody shoot me or poke my eye balls off …thats fuckin donkey kong ass looks horrible!!!

  3. june

    periya doctor pattam kudithittanga paaru……odamba vechu sambarikkirathu ottathu innu nenaichen…anaa gundachigala irikkanga…thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. முனியாண்டி

    சாரி நமீதா. எங்க மேடத்துக்கு நிகரான பெண் இந்த உலகத்தில் வேறு யாருமில்லை. ஷகீலா  ஷகீலாதான்

  5. Smile

    @Vasin real…In the above still,she looks fine but previously in an event a few days back the one which she throws her kisses to the audience,adhule padu kantraviya erundhanga.So with that in mind i told it would be nice if she slims down.

  6. Smile

    Right June…edhule peruma pada enna erukku?From an actress who was once seen with top heroes,Namitha is stooping low to the level of a b grade actressnu artham.Edhule pattam oru kedu.Thooo!

  7. june

    namitha…surprised you have time to talk to people…figured you’d be on a nude show or whatever…get lost

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