Namitha hints for a political move

Namitha celebrates

Her Kannada film ‘I love You Namitha’ failed to make an impression on the audience as well as at the box-office but her fans just don’t want to let go off their ‘Akka’ .Yes that’s how Namitha was addressed by the rural folks on her recent trip to Trichy. For the actress it was overwhelming to get the love and appreciation from so many people and now she is convinced that she really has a strong hold. So much so, that she now plans to enter politics and things it will be the right move to get things rolling. (Really)

All’s good for Namitha as the ‘Surat Super bomb’ has hinted to enter politics in the future. But she is not in a hurry , just like her movies she wants to wait for the right time and feels that there is a little bit more homework to be done to enter the realm of ‘hot seats’. Nevertheless the sexy seductress is updating herself with all the current happenings, preparing herself well for the D-day. She promises to be a good person of the state and serve her people right as she says,

“I love Tamil Nadu and its people. My love is always there for my machans here.”


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