Namitha has 8 years old daughter?

Tamil actress Namitha has always attracted controversies and spicy gossips in the market. Ever since our voluptous beauty started increasing the dosage of glamor, in parallel her image was also left for considerable damage. Although this can be considered normal for cine stars but it is a fact that Namitha crossed those normal boundaries.

With ‘Simha’ being a success and Namitha’s bulky volumes impressed audience, now a strong gossips catching fire in Chennai circles related to the actress is Namitha has a secret daughter in Mumbai and that is the reason why she frequently travels to Mumbai. Although any  clear details about the child is still  not known sources says the daughter is  8 years old but Namitha doesn’t want to bring her before the public as of now.

One of Namitha’s close aide (a top director whose name starts with M) is looking after the girl’s day to day expenses and she is having a comfortable life in Mumbai going to school. Namitha may have to open up herself to close these kind of rumors else she may have to strain her personal life more than ever before.



  1. Anonymous

    Namitha the beautiful Mom will not bring her girl child to the public forever like how the former actress cum CM Jayalalitha did.

  2. Anonymous

    that's probably her sister's daughter..namitha mentions her whenever she comes in interviews.

    geez, stop spreading stupid news.

  3. Anonymous

    The director's name which starts with letter M could be Mani Ratnam. Is there anyone else who thinks the same as me?

  4. Anonymous

    cme on dont u any decenies taking pictures like this is same like taking a pic wen ur wearing pants and bra only y dont u that is well

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