Namithas got a lawyer boyfriend

Namitha got a lawyer boyfriend

Namithas got a lawyer boyfriend

It was Namitha’s best pal Sneha who praised the lady saying, “Whenever I feel down and out, I can always count on Namitha’s help to bring me back to my normal mood.” Being a pillar of strength 🙂 might not be new to Namitha, whose always been there as a helpful companion whenever needed, for her dear ones.

Now the happening actress seems to have found someone even stronger (We mean it this time…)in a new friend, she got acquainted with taking care of some business. She made headlines earlier for her Yoga guru role in the movie Love College and apart from her early 2011 release in Ilaignan, the Surat bombshell has almost shifted her priorities elsewhere. Recently she even floated a construction company in Mumbai helping the cause of building big flats and villas in the city. Thanks to her change of mind, as it’s a blessing in disguise for the lady who found her soul mate in a Mumbai-based lawyer. Her new found love has been found to be very caring, a good decision maker, and quite a knowledgeable man when it comes to matters of the heart. “Namitha is keeping things under the wraps and will announce the good news  soon”, says a source close to the actress.

 Congratulations! Namitha we are waiting for the big one 🙂




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