Namitha feels bad about Suryas height

Namitha the vamp
Namitha the vamp

Buxom babe Namitha is known for making headlines for everything else other than her acting skills.Earlier she was kidnapped at an Airport and later she shocked everyone by announcing she is a classically trained in Salsa and Bharathanatyam and she even was planning to set up a dance school. It was a similar case in Ilaignan where she played a hardcore vamp role only to give a fading performance.

Well now there is another secret she revealed to us. When we asked her who is it that you wish to pair up, given a choice the lady quickly responds, “I wish I could star opposite Surya” but it’s her height that’s a hindrance in fulfilling her cherished dream says the voluptuous siren, “No Director would take the risk of putting me up with Surya for the lead .It’s the height you know.”

Given the fact that you can pull of a stunning performance every time you hit the screens we hope your secret wish is fulfilled soon Namitha.



  1. hmm

    namitha… obviously everyone’s gonna look small n short compare 2 u….
    instead of putting blame on others….y dnt u try 2 loose weight
    hope u realise it king kong!!!!

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