Namitha commits suicide?

Namitha commits suicide?

Kollywood was abuzz with news that Sexy bomb Namitha had committed suicide in Hyderabad.

Enquiries, however, revealed that it was the handiwork of some rumormongers. Namitha’s manager has said that the actress is currently at her Mumbai residence. He vehemently denied the news that the actress resorted to the extreme step due to depression.

Namitha is currently starring in a couple of Tamil films including Ilaignan and a Telugu film Desadrohi .



  1. Anonymous

    screw rumours…she would never do that…she can make others kill themselves, but she won't kill herself.

  2. Anonymous

    all those people who create rumors they dont know what damage it creates. they always speaking about actresses sleeping around and stuff. I wonder how they would feel if someone created a rumor that their mother ran away with someone or their brother sister died in an accident. come on people get a life. there are better things to do. the world is jeopardy atleast try to help by someway.

  3. Anonymous

    i agree with the above person… i think people who r spreading rumors r jobless and loosers……. no one has rights to tell others to die…. its a criminal act…….as said above4 there r better things t0 do in this world…. try to be humane not barbaric…..

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