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Namitha claims she’s the right choice to play ‘Silk’ Smitha than Vidya Balan

Namitha Latest Hot Pictures

Actress Namitha is into some serious ‘business’. We mean it literally, as the actress has of late been showing how sharp her business acumen could be. She is into the real estate business and whenever invited, promptly files down to Chennai to inaugurate a jewellery store or some other shops.

She was the cynosure of all eyes during the recent launch of her Telugu film in Hyderabad. She had appeared clad in a macro-mini skirt and had been keeping her hands across on lap, while she was sitting, apparently to check-mate the probing eyes of the photographers.

A scribe from a popular Tamil weekly recently met the actress for a lengthy chat. During the interview, Namitha had spoken on many matters including her comeback in Tamil films. When the talk veered towards Hindi films, she reportedly criticized the choice of Bollywood actress Vidya Balan to play the late ‘Silk’ Smitha in the film The Dirrty Picture which releases all over the country today.

When queried as to whom she thought as the most glamourous heroine, Namitha’s reply was out in a flash when she said “it’s me alone and there is no alternative to me!” She also said, “I feel Vidya is a wrong choice to play ‘Silk’ Smitha. Many of my friends told me that I would have fitted the role like a pair of gloves. In any biopic on Smitha is made in Tamil, I’m ready to play ‘Silk’ Smitha’s role,” concluded Namitha.


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