Namitha calls friendly director Anna

Namitha calls ‘friendly’ director, Anna

Namitha calls friendly director Anna

The director referred to here have had a highly successful tenure on the idiot box and made a couple of films which, unfortunately, didn’t give as much success as he had experienced on the telly. Unfazed by the disappointing box-office results of his earlier films, the director launched his next film a couple of years ago.

He also has the habit of going in for a number of junior (women) artistes and making their life difficult while making his films. Now, let’s come to a latest incident which occurred during the shoot of the film. The director is also said to be in the habit of ‘hugging’ tightly all the heroines and planting a ‘kiss’ on their cheek or forehead to wish them ‘good morning’!

Every day, he used to wish the ‘actresses’ in the above-said manner prior to and after the shooting schedule. Many actresses, though they hated it the most, were not in a position to let him have an idea about it. Sizzling Namitha, who hasn’t been having the best of times vis-à-vis her film offers in Tamil, agreed to star in the film knowing very well that it might not click.

As Namitha was about to attend the shoot of the film, she was told by the director’s ‘hugging’ culture and his style of wishing actresses. Deciding to teach him a befitting lesson, the tall and well-built Namitha entered the sets on the day her portion of the sequences was to be shot. On seeing her, the director couldn’t control his excitement and came running towards her saying ‘Hi, dear!’

Anticipating this, Namitha took a couple of steps backwards and wished him, Vanakkam, Anna (meaning ‘Good Morning, elder brother). The director was shell-shocked and was seen lamenting to his aides that someone had ‘polluted’ Namitha’s mind so mush that instead of her usual Machans, she had now started using words like Anna!


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