Nakuls torture exceeds limit;Heroine left the film


Actress Devayani is said to be leaving no stone unturned in her efforts to ensure that her younger sibling and actor Nakul achieves and retains a permanent position for himself in the industry. She is said to be in touch with leading Kollywood directors like K.V. Anand, Gautham Vasudev Menon and many others in her efforts to make Nakul star in one of their movies in the near future.

However the talk about Nakul in Kollywood, though, is that the actor is not so ‘responsible’ and is not keen to make a name for himself in Tamil films. Nakul has recently signed up a film titled ‘11’, which would be directed by Arivazhagan of ‘Eeram’ fame. The film would be about a basketball player (to be played by Nakul) and Nakul was asked by Arivazhagan to ‘brush’ up his basketball playing skills in a couple of months’ time.

Nakul, however, hasn’t given any specific time schedule for the training, it is said.

The actor is also starring in the lead role in the film ‘Thalaippu Seithigal’. The film is said to have been put in ‘abeyance’ for the time being as the debutant heroine returned to her native Bangalore, unable to put up with Nakul’s tantrums and ‘other’ deeds, it is rumoured by the Unit.

Now Ramya Nambeesan, seen recently in the hit film ‘Kullanarikoottam’, has been roped in to replace the Bangalore girl in ‘Thalaippu…’. Director John Mahendran, son of veteran director Mahendran, reportedly warned Nakul not to do more than what he says and specifically told Nakul to stay off Ramya. Now that Devayani has personally interrupted and ‘pulled up’ Nakul for not behaving properly, Nakul has mended his ways, it is learnt.



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