Nakul replaces Arulnidhi in Arivazhagan film


Remember debutant director Arivazhagan’s amazing work in the thriller hit film ‘Eeram’, produced by director Shankar in the latter half of the year 2009? The film went on to become a pioneer of sorts in producing low-cost thriller movies. Thanks to Arivazhagan’s crisp handling and deft screenplay complemented by nice dialogues, the film ended up as a hit film.

Arivazhagan, who had been waiting for Arulnidhi (of ‘Vamsam’ fame) to give call-sheet to him to start a film starring him in the lead, has now launched a film with Nakul in the lead. Though he was courted by many producer after the success of ‘Eeram’, he was awaiting a call from Arulnidhi for whom he had a script ready on hand. Arivazhagan had chosen Arulnidhi to play the lead role in the film, which had a basketball player as a hero, as the latter’s height would automatically match the character.

Even a photo-session was held after which for reasons best known to him, Arulnidhi appeared to display some disinterest in the project, which apparently didn’t go down well with Arivazhagan. Changing the script as per Nakul’s ‘image’ (?!), Arivazhagan approached the ‘Boys’ star, who readily agreed to star in the film.

Invariably, Sun Pictures would be distributing and releasing the film, it is learnt further.



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