Mugamoodi Budget exceeds

Mysskin over-shoots the estimated budget of Mugamoodi

Mugamoodi Budget exceeds

It’s not often that producers and directors manage to strike a friendly, warm relationship between them. In most cases, the director would always be demanding more from the producers besides what has already been provided to him to make the film. On his part, though, the producer would always try to reduce the film’s budget as much as he can even while allowing some sort of liberty to the director.

More often than not, the film would suffer due to the incompatibility between such producers and directors. There are many directors who think ‘big’ just for the sake of thinking big without analyzing whether the expenditure they intend to propose was actually warranted or not. In such scenarios, arguments, counter-arguments and mis-understandings become the order of the day!

In order to obliterate all these problems, some producers are adapting the strategy of making films on ‘first-copy’ basis. It binds the director to complete a film within a stipulated period and below the estimated budget which is pre-decided. In case the film is to over-shoot the budget, the director would have to bear the additional expenditure.

Mysskin, who is making Mugamoodi starring Jiiva and Pooja Hegde in lead roles, has reportedly been caught in a fix. The burly director, who agreed to make the film on a ‘first-copy’ basis, is said to be finding it very difficult to keep the film’s budget below the originally agreed sum. As a result and as per the agreement, he has to bear the brunt of the additional and over-shooting budget, which is reportedly quite a huge sum.

As such, he is said to be confession to his close friends and relatives that he might not have even a ‘penny’ on his own when the film completion!


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