Mumaith Khan left the place weeping

A bitter Mumaith shared her experience with us
A bitter Mumaith shared her experience with us

Mumaith Khan the Kanthaswamy item girl has again made headlines .No folks it’s not just another item number. The siren visited a pub in Hyderabad to enjoy some good time with her friends but instead she had a very unpleasant episode to share.

On Saturday night when she tagged along with two of her pals to a pub she was surprised to hear the track Naa Peere Meena Kumari’.As she found it to be the perfect welcome song the glam doll decided to set the dance floor on fire. But this was not well received by some of the unruly youngsters present in the bar who started to pass lewd comments on her moves.

After avoiding them for some time the situation worsened further when they did not put an end to their act. Mumaith decide to take them to task and got involved in a heated argument with the brats which forced security intervention.

Things seemed to be in control afterwards but everything changed when one of her friends found a note saying “Mumaith @ Rs.100/hr” in the toilets left by the men.

A bitter Mumaith left the place weeping without uttering a word to her friends or any others present.

Such injustice to women has often been observed and that too in public places, we hope the concerned authorities take stringent measures on the issue.



  1. Truth

    injustice to women needs to be condemned…I agree completely. But is it not the responsibility of female in the film industry to avoid acting or performing in item numbers doing skin shows. I personally feel, even those kind of acts need to be condemened too.

  2. Vasin

    What is wrong with being a glamour girl? or even being a call girl? I saw a Nick Clegg film where a street call girl lives beautifully with her lover. You just look at the mind. If it is honest and loving and the person is civilised and has a good style then it is fine.    
    It is not necessary to justify being a call girl or sleeping around with individual situations in life. If you like it do it but You must do it with a good style; in a civilised way; it shouldn’t look bad.

  3. anonymus

    don’t talk ill abt people liket that as far as guy want to watch those kind of dance then there will be girls to act like that. so stop cursing other try to correct ourself first.

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