Mr.Internet to Shruti Haasan’s rescue

Kamal and Shruti bond over the internet
Kamal and daughter Shruti Haasan bond over the internet

It wasn’t a long back when you told your mom, “Mommy, I am friends with Trisha and Vijay” and you received those stares from your mother who might even have tagged you crazy. Now only if she knew you were talking about the Internet.

As a matter of fact celebrities and other in the film fraternity have joined the internet bandwagon to keep everyone from friends (a majority of those they never met in real life) and fans updated on their daily routine and also gain loyal returns.

Well now Shruti Haasan has decided to flip the coins. The sleek beauty is so busy with her shooting and other work that she can’t find time to spend quality time with her close family members. As she revealed to us,” father being busy with his work and me with mine it’s hard to find time for each other. So we have decided to bond over the internet.”

10-15 years back things would have been different but for now Shruti won’t be complaining with Mr.Internet coming to her rescue.



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