Monica escapes python attack


Nanjupuram an upcoming fantasy thriller, as the name suggests is themed around deadly snakes victimizing those who dare to take a step into the mysteriously dark forest grounds. The movie has been directed by Charles, who has Raaghav and Monica in lead roles.

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Leading lady  Monica had a scary tale to share when quizzed about her experience with the rest of the crew. The actress reveals that she had a lucky escape from a deadly python, hanging on the tree branch right above her head  while she was busy playing games on her mobile. If it was not  director Charles to spot the danger and  pull her  down to the ground , things would have been different today. She later also thanked the director for saving her life.

That’s some experience Monica.



  1. thambi

    someone please get correct information, before you put.  For your information PYTHONS ARE NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT POISONOUS.   stupid fellow cant even write a proper paragraph.

  2. madurai -> USA

    Mr.Editor, now that we know that you read the posts and comments for what you write, I have a request to make on behalf of all the kolly talk readers. It is a well known fact that, there is a good amount of readership for the cinema news which get published. Everyone including me is interested to know the petty issues that is going on. After all, most of us are the ones who have grown up reading the “Kisu Kisu” parts of all the tamil magazines. But, I would make a humble request to not to give misleading titles to those news. Also, one more suggestion would be to start a seperate column here for the regular news articles. So, people can read them too.

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