Model Poonam Pandey’s Kolaveri Di strip video

Model Poonam Pandey strips for Kolaveri

Sexy model Poonam Pandey seems to have no fear factor whatsoever. After releasing a slew of Bathroom videos that made it online and young mobile phones, Poonam is among the most searched figures on the online platform with a million silent followers clicking away at her photos day in and out.

Being crowned the Kingfisher Calendar girl for 2011, one of her fans has now made a video with tidbits of the model, including her strippy bathroom scenes. The lyrics to “Kolaveri D strips with Poonam Pandey” have been cheaply modified to suit the tastes. They go like, “Blue Blue eyes, Hot Hot Thighs, Why tell Lies to All the Guys”… “Arre Wah re Poonam Kya Kiya Tune Internet Ko Hila Diya” (Means Wow Poonam What have you done, You have shaken the whole internet).The video for the movie has been shot just like the Kolaveri video inside the recording studio, showing the musicians having just a harmonium to belt away some cheap lyrics accompanied by some half naked photos and videos clips of the model. Poonam herself is promoting the video saying, “One of my Crazy Fans made a Strip Version of Kolaveri D with Poonam Pandey Check check hahahahaha…”.

What do you think ? Is this another publicity stunt from Poonam’s side?


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