Meera Jasmine to quit films and get married soon

Meera from Mambattiyan 2
Meera from Mambattiyan 2


Sources close to actress Meera Jasmine say that the actress is determined to quit films soon and settle into marital bliss.  The talented Meera has a solitary project in Tamil in ‘Mambattiyan’ opposite Prashanth, which is directed by Prashanth’s father and actor Thiagarajan.  She also has a film in the making in Malayalam.

Besides these two films, she is not committing herself to starring in any future projects, it is said.  A couple of producers who recently visited Meera’s residence to sign her up for their films were reportedly told by the actress that as she was planning to get married in the near future, she was in no mood to take the offer to act in their films.

Rajesh had earlier confirmed the same saying , “I am ready to settle down and marry Meera Jasmine. It’s up to Meera to decide whether she wants to act or not post wedding.”

His brother Mandolin Srinivas, the well-known renowned musician shared his opinion as he quipped,“Our parents have supported Rajesh’s decision.”
Meera is said to be in love with the renowned Mandolin player Rajesh, brother of ‘Mandolin’ Srinivas. It is even said that the duo has started living together but the actress has stoutly denied this in the past.

Now that Meera has nodded a yes to the relationship, let’s wish Meera in advance!


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