Meena invites Rajinikanth to peru iddal function

Meena -the actress with an ever glowing smile
Meena -the actress with an ever glowing smile

Meena -the actress with an ever glowing smile recently gave birth to a baby girl who will share her birthday with none other than Vidya Balan i.e on January 1st .Now the actress has  invited Rajinikanth for the naming ceremony of the child. The auspicious peru iddal’ function will be held on Saturday the 8th in the presence of elders, friends and other close relatives.

There is also news that Rajini has given a positive nod to attend the function and he has expressed his greetings to the couple as we already are aware of his closeness to Meena from her early days evident from her debut in Rajini’s Enkeyo Ketta Kural to other Rajini movies such as Muthu and Yejaman to name a few.

The couple is yet to confirm the name but they have disclosed that it will be decided upon on the time of birth and stars  of the child.

As of now we can wait for those sweet whispers.



  1. YES

    1st lets decide who the DADDY is. options
    1. vijayakumar
    2. k s ravikumar
    3. arunkumar
    4. hari
    5. appavee purushaan

  2. reader!!

    Ah finally yaro oruthar appa aayitar wow!! so tamil industry la yaarukume “manly power” illa pola??? ivlo varusha velaiku appuram ippothaan palan kedaichi iruku

  3. SSS

    poda neeum unodaa thalaivarrumuu . good for nothing fellow has been telling for over 10 yrs he will help and do something for the people. all in this 10 yrs he has earned big money only. poyee unodaa thalaa poolaa umbuu

  4. aarad

    SSS- Rajni’s profession is being an cine actor there is no hard n fast rule that he has to help ppl.. If thats the case, y arent u complaining abt azim premji, narayanamoorthy, and the bunch of reliance heads?? all these ppl are minting money as well.. if they really wanted to help they would.. Y blame rajni?? Consider yourself.. If you earn a bit y dont u help the others? NO one can change india for good.. And especially with ppl like u jus born to blame others, there is no definite change thats seemingly visible in teh future.. I am not sure if you even understand wat I said.. U dont look the person who wud understand..

    1. mookaiyan

      Nevermind of ppl understanding u. Its ppl like u who could not change india for many more centuries to come. Asshole like u is a real curse to this great nation.

  5. silvia

    aarad, u r ryte !!! i support u… only stupid ppl vil talk bad bout rajni … why the hell he has to help ppl?? 

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