Raasi mantra

Mantra’s comeback after marriage

Raasi mantra

Actress Mantra is planning her return to movies. The actress, popularly known as Rassi in Tollywood circles has acted in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. In the year 2004, she bid goodbye to her filmy career falling in love with Srinivas, a Telugu assistant director and eventually getting married.

Entering movies at a young of 14, her first Tamil debut was in Priyam opposite actor Arun Vijay long back. Marriage brought in new responsibilities, as Mantra decided to settle down in life, away from the limelight. But she now fancies a comeback saying, “I’m sure I won’t be offered heroine’s roles. In fact, I’m ready to take on any sort of roles, be it mother to the younger lot of heroes or sister or sister-in-law of leading heroes.  I’m ready to do anything.” She also said that she wants to earn lot money and buy her own dream house, coming back to acting. Mantra has been working out hard, saying, “I had successfully brought down my weight from 89 kilos to 69 kilos.” It’s not just acting that she’s aiming at. The now 30 year old actress assured directors and producers, that she can dub her own voice or for that matter dub for other North Indian heroines, as she is fluent in her  mother tongue i.e. Tamil. Now that’s not too much to ask for, right?


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