ManMandhan Ambu Story Leaked

ManMandhan Ambu Story Leaked

After spending nearly a month on a luxurious Mediterranean Cruise, the entire team of Manmadhan Ambu has flown back to Chennai. Now the story of the movie is leakes, MANMADHAN AMBU is named after the lead characters of the film, Madhana Gopal (Madhavan), Ambujam(Trisha). For ‘Man’, it is believed that it might be the start or end of Kamal’s character name which is not revealed.

As per the story, Kamal plays a private detective who has been asked by Maddy to monitor his lover to find whether she really loves him. Interestingly Trisha plays the lady love of Maddy while Sangeetha plays opposite Kamal.

The rest of the film is all about how Kamal befriends Trisha, and whether the couple joining hands etc with humors.



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