Mankatha Villain Ravikumar

Mankatha Villain Ravi Kumar murdered

Mankatha Villain Ravikumar

Ajith’s Mankatha had actor Ravikumar in a villainous role. Ravi has acted in Vishal’s Vallakottai and performed for the small screen in some serials. The actor who resides in Erukkanchery, Chennai was friends with one Raj Kumar.

“The two were making rounds on their bike midnight Saturday”, said a witness. Raj Kumar who is a moneylender, was finding it hard to maintain his balances. Many who had borrowed in credit, din’t return their amounts, despite being warned several times by Raj himself. Seeking help he called up his friend and Mankatha villain Ravi Kumar, to accompany him to the house of defaulters. They had to face the unexpected. A local gang of rowdies caught the two friends, wanting to end things. Knowing that they couldn’t take on the group, Ravi and Raj tried to run for cover. Raj the loan lender, somehow escaped but it was his faithful friend Ravi who paid the price. The gang members pulled him and stabbed mercilessly until he breathed his last. Though Raj is safe nothing is known about his whereabouts. Instilling fear in the minds of many, the incident comes as a dark reminder; questioning the security of locals and the innocent.


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