Manisha Koirala on divorce

Manisha Koirala
Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala has done some remarkable Tamil films (Indian, Mudhalvan, Bombay and Baba)occasionally.

Her recent movie Maapillai is in post production where she is playing Dhanush’s mother in law.The movie is the yesteryear super hit  remake of Rajinikanth flick by the same name.

There were rumors of her getting divorced recently which have been clarified now.

A series of events took place after recently she updated her facebook profile and hinted divorce. It had been just 6 months post her marriage.

Soon she realized it may create a negative buzz amongst her friends and went ahead in rectifying here post, in an attempt deleting the post all together within just 1 hour.

Manisha, who deleted the controversial post soon afterwards, added a clarification, saying she was “super happy” with her husband.

“I was angry when I wrote that post,” she said. “Sometimes I just react and write silly things.”
Apparently her eager fans heard of this incident; they were surprised looking at the message since Manisha posted some pictures with her better half just a few days back at a holidaying spot in Nepal.
When asked about the incident she clarified “things were blown out of proportion and she is still happily married to her husband who is an entrepreneur from Nepal.”

The actress found herself amidst a lot of confusion with her careless act.

Confusion is a way to create controversy, what better way than this! Seems Manisha is having fun spreading unnecessary rumors about her personal life.



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