Mani Ratnams opts Mysore Palace for Ponniyin Selvan

An illuminated Mysore Palace

Mani Ratnam’s affair with Ponniyin Selvan turned a bit spicier with glam lady Anushka Shetty making her entry as Kundhavai, after fresh updates on the lead roles revealed that it would be Vijay, Arya and Tollywood’s Maheshbabu to be the chosen ones for this dream project.

While it may be a Mani Ratnam project the director has already received great support for taking up the duty of accomplishing a mammoth task – ‘converting yet another classic into celluloid’ for cinema goers. Even Kamal Haasan couldn’t resist contributing his valuable inputs when he discussed the project earlier with Mani.

Now we get to know that the Mysore Palace (check the pic above) has been zeroed in as the prime spot for canning most of the epic sequences to be witnessed by Tamil cinema goers and fans worldwide. The director expressed his interest for the location by handing over a letter to the Mysore Palace Mandali deputy director P.V.Avaradhi himself, for it is here where Mani plans to narrate the tale of the Chola Dynasty ruler Rajaraja Cholan through the classic offering titled ‘Ponniyin Selvam’ set in the time period between 10th-11th century.

When Mani unleashed the beauty of Malshej Ghats in Maharashtra and the Athirapally waterfalls in Kerala in Raavanan many were held in awe traveling through the wonderful river valleys and forests and moreover it proved to be an eye opener for filmmakers who ignored these bountiful locations and set priorities choosing foreign venues. Now with director Vasanth chipping in with his assistance alongside Mani, it’s going to be yet another riveting experience in the wait for Ponniyin Selvan fans.


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