Mani Ratnams 3-V project dropped?

Mani Ratnams 3-V Project dropped?
Mani Ratnams 3-V Project dropped?

The much-projected film to be made by ace director Maniratnam which was to bring together the three ‘big Vs’ of Kollywood – Vijay, Vikram and Vishal – has reportedly hit a stumbling block even before its official launch.

Some time back, media reports said that Maniratnam was scripting the on-screen version of the legendary historical novel ‘Ponniyal Selvan’, a mega project which would be funded by Sun Pictures, as the budget was expected to breach the Rs.200-crore mark. Mani had taken author Jayamohan’s help in scripting the film, it was claimed.

It was also reported that Mani wanted to bring together Vikram, Vijay and Vishal to get them play the lead roles in the movie. Unfortunately, the much-awaited combination might not come about at all, as director Shankar found out recently. The mercurial Shankar wanted to remake Bollywood hit film ‘3 Idiots’ with Tamil films’ leading heroes Vijay, Simbu and Dhanush but couldn’t manage to bring the three together.

The tangible ‘ego’ that defines the attitudes of those heroes was said to be the reason for Shankar’s inability to get the three together and he had to later settle for Vijay, Jiiva and Srikanth.  Now Maniratnam too appears to be following suit as only ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram has reportedly confirmed his presence in whatever film Mani might be planning. Vikram is obviously repaying the gratitude to Mani for having introduced him to Bollywood audience through last year’s ‘Raavan’.

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  1. veera

    ya consider vikram ajith and vijay rather than vikram vijay vishal
    vishal is  a butchcha 
    remember it is a 200 crores project so it is good to drop

  2. WHAT

    This is a false story! Read what 3 idiots part. Vijay, SIMBHU & DHANUSH??? WHAT THE HECK?

    Aren’t suppose to be like Vijay, SRIKANTH AND JEEVA?

    What’s up with that?

  3. Raj

    Read properly what they are trying to say, it means Shankar was trying to rope in Vijay Simbhu Dhanush. but could not suceed and had to adjust with Vijay Srikanth Jeeva.

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