Mani Ratnam to adapt Ponniyin Selvan Novel

Mani Ratnam
Mani Ratnam

The last we heard from the Mani Ratnam camp was Raavanan being screened at the Pusan International Festival in South Korea, one of the most significant film festivals in Asia. The movie  though didnt break the box office collection is being shown across various international film festivals. “Indian cinema preserves the country’s strong oral tradition that uses music to express emotions, and that indigenous quality sets apart and enables Indian films to attract the international audience” ,said the  director after the screening.

Now we hear that the director is in the process of adapting famous Tamil novel ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ considered the greatest novel written in Tamil,which narrates the story of Arulmozhivarman one of the Greatest Kings in Tamil history.

Also the interesting buzz is that Kamal Haasan or Vikram are the short listed ones to play the lead role for this adaptation.

Most among us will be acquainted with the plot through our ‘Kalki’ days,but what many await is the result moulded out from Mani’s very own hands, who can even bend the very ordinary into extraordinary. Many of us would definitely be looking for a modern trilogy,as we wait with bated breath for this one from Mani sir.



  1. Ramya

    Woww…..Thats a great news…I have been waiting to see Ponniyin selvan as a movie…
    It would be a tough job to get that novel realisticaly into a movie… Atleast it would help to understand the great work of Kalki

  2. Vasin

    Somebody has to stop this guy. I mean Manirathnam. He would destroy ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ image. he has not done a good movie for 10 years now. And Kamal for the role? Kamal has a pregnant’s belly. Vikram looks like Porn actors. Insane. Why not Ajith or Vijay?

  3. r

    mr.vasin.sorry to say this why r u always written like this kind of comments.i think u got some mentel illness.better to go to good g.p

  4. tamilan

    nee solradhu ellame wrong dha da.. hey unaku pidikati enda tamil site ku vara. mooditu povendidhu dhane. chumma peria mairu mari kora sola vandhutan thu odi po naye

  5. Vasin

    Just look at them. They look decent, smart, beatiful and handsome without those big arms. Their appearances don’t look overblown by exercises and weights. They are very good actors. They are excellent models in their private lives too. I like them.

  6. nutty!!!!


  7. Vasin

    Yes Yes. My name is Vasin Vega. I live in Kalakshetra Colony Besant Nagar Chennai. Very Close to Kalakshetra. Girls are going jump over the wall to flock onto my house. You are a genius nutty.

  8. babu

    do u knw the meaning for good movie?????……i think u r the one who dont lik innovations..i got it frm ur suggestion lik vijay(not a actor at all, according to me) and ajith.

  9. Vasin

    Good movie na eppa parthalum either iruta irrukum or mangala irukum. Apdiya solreenga? Vijay control oda nadikara actor. Appapa konjam inadequate aa irukalam. Aana padam mudinju varappo manasila iruparu.

  10. abc

    plz maniratnam dont spoil ponniyin selvan none of the actors today can do the roles of arulmozhi or vandiyadevan,moreover u r nt  fit enough to direct such a epic which we,our parents,grandparents cherished and cherishing.

  11. sakthivel palaniappan

    CATCH ME IF YOU CAN………….WARNING TO ALL …… AND SAKTHIVEL PALANIAPPAN MEANS IT………. With all due respects ……………. please keep any commercial profession  of cinema making out of this…… it is one of the contemporary highly respected literature…….. IT IS WITH THE READER TO cherish integrate and understand the essence of it. NO one is authorized to make a film or what so ever to he intends to……. If it is understood that the copy right is sold it will be any cost that its authors wish will be upheld and no means of film making will proceed until my body is burnt by the lava of Mount Merapi………This is my honor message…. HIS BLESSINGS of AMARAR KALKI. TAMIL and its LITRATURE…

  12. sakthivel palaniappan

    It may be for this kodambakkam film industry to dream, to spoil the epic of HIS HIGHNESS AMARAR KALKI please  try to refrain….. but if you are adamant carryon i bet the flop is a flop…….. I heard many people work with heart ailments to prove they are the best in industry…. Sorry guys……… you are what you are. BUT all of you kodambakkis fail to understand that a original script is more holy…. Hey MANI go see the movie LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL……. there is a great Italiano who showed the world how he can turn something seriousness of world war 2 into a thought of a child heart… Cherish..Be something useful for you and your french beard….. As for Kamal Hassan you have not done something extraordinary than a child who extraordinarily played in the iranian Movie the WHITE BALLON…. Life is a process of learning and we got to learn till we die….. it is not important how many pages you read but how many miles you walked in your life to understand the essence of that you live…….. no hard feelings.. All my dear ones who read this.. let me be clear…………… Cinema is for entertainment only……… BUT there is something we cannot mix cinema with literature…… we have to uphold this…… Kamal is Kamalhassan……… he knows it and may be he should know more…… As far as HIS Rajini he knows who he is……..he is always himself…… This materialistic world nothing means to those two icons…… They have seen… cherished … left….. everything….. But young guys ailing to see the brightness of life.. i ve got a secret…… you know it is within your reach………….. the MANTRA….. What ever you do … Do it with perfection like a Japanese(NIPPON) With all your heart soul and your mind……… YOU ARE THE BEST. Love you all.

  13. comment

    fk u ass…….. don speak about fkal vijay or even compare him with greats like rajini.kamal.vikram.surya..

  14. comment

    irruppan un heartle andha vijay….. mudithu avan kathai vera engeyaavathu sollu…. he is not fit to be an actor…. he is unfit to do supportive roles also 😛

  15. kalai

    I am also one among million PONNIYIN SELVAN fans, who wish to see it in the silver screen, but definitely not from the hands of MANI RATNAM. Its enough he spoiled KARNAN & RAMAYANAM…

  16. nila

    pl don spoil the honourable image which i have upon ponniyin selvan, arulmozhi, vandhiyathevan, kundhavai nd many mre gr8 characters!!!!!!!!!! the novel is simply awesome………. u can never bring out its essence by a movie……. pl!!!

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