Mani Ratnam takes a break

Mani Ratnam took a much needed break
Mani Ratnam took a much needed break

After the release of Raavanan veteran director Mani Ratnam is taking a much needed break.Just the other day the looming grey clouds gave a surprise message to many to not step outside of their houses indicating a down pour.But  for Mani Ratnam it was the perfect moment to enjoy a zippy walk. A brown T-shirt, a nice pair of red shoes and shorts were all he needed to enjoy this refreshing experience , who is usually out for a game of golf during this time.

The director is presently involved in the preproduction phase for his upcoming flick said to be a period film set in 15th century. We heard that majority of the scenes are to be shot mostly in gods own country Kerala and  fans are waiting for this one with bated breath.

Well he definitely seems to strike a perfect balance between work and play; we surely need to take inspiration from Mani Ratnam on time management.



  1. stupid_vijay

    Maniratnam enna avalo periya appatakara ?
    i would say he is a Overated director .
    Chumma english padatha copy adichu padam eduthutu, periya pudungi maathiri pose kudukaratha paaru.
    avanoda wife suhasini evana vida oru periya comedy.
    periya puluthi maathiri moviesa vimarsanam panrathu.
    Evaloda “indira” padatha kasu koduthu parka sonnalum parkamudiyathu.
    kadavule engala neethan kaapathanum…………

  2. Mani Fan

    Nee avvalavu periya appatakkara, maniratnam saathichathu niraya..nee onnu sollu..Kelvi/ kindal adipathu easy..He no need to prove it to u , he has already done it all his previous movies. 

  3. kk

    entha english padatha avaru copy adicharu? oru list kudutha nalla erukkum.
    indra was a great movie about caste and womanhood.
    onnum pannatha neeye vaayila vada sudumpothu, avan apdi pose kudukurathula onnum tappu ella

  4. aravind

    hey its very real than mani used to take a story line frm english movie and weave it in tamil and other languages man….i first person who commented is correct

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