Malayalam industry against Kollywood

Malayalam film industry feels invaded by Tamil films

Malayalam industry against Kollywood

It’s been quite some time ….well let’s accept it a really LONG…time that the neighboring Mollywood state has produced anything even close to what it used to deliver back in the golden era. The 80’s and the 90’s were the times when Mollywood was hot topic among cine lovers with equally exciting scripts and 2 veterans engaging in a battle to supremacy in star actors Mohanlal and Mamooty.

But here comes the boring part. It seems like this competition between the two heavyweights just doesn’t take a break and as a result the industry has come to a complete standstill. With the crowd only wanting to go for the said Mohanlal or Mamooty movie and with producers more than happy to play the safe bet it has been just one way traffic all these years. The humble effort to applaud the younger generation of actors seems to have been completely wasted sparing a few who are yet to make a mark. Adding to all the clutter, the recent Diwali releases of Kollywood movies in Vijay starrer Velayudham and Surya starrer 7aam Arivu capturing a record number of theaters in Mollywood, has only made the wound deeper. Unhappy about this so called ‘invasion’ from Kollywood, a joint committee meeting of producers, film association heads and other dignitaries held today in a hope to set things right. There was a burning demand among film-makers to give Malayalam movies a higher priority in their own lands, before getting theater sold out to Kollywood flicks.

While giving preference to your own cinema might be a good option, taking a stand against quality cinema from neighboring regions doesn’t sound that healthy.After all there is something to learn from everything. Whatch’a you think Kolly people?



  1. valavilsasi

    Any day Tamil movies are better than Malayalam in technology and variety. Almost all Malayalam movies are either ill made or very slow.Malayalm industry only has to be blamed for it. There are two old men both aged around 60-  Mammootty & Mohanlal, they and their clout is ruling the Malayalam cinema.When in Tamil Rajani & Kamal gave way to young stars like Surya, Vijay and a brigade of other youngsters, in Malayalam they don’t have anyone to take the mantle from the two oldies, who still love to act young & they feel that the audience is a bunch of fools or jokers. If they don’t correct their mistakes, then one day Malayalam movies will just evaporate.

  2. ginger

    Change your Heroes.. they dont look handsome and above all they cannot act.. I liked Manichithrathal more than chandramukhi not considering superstar rajini.. 

    Huble request.. please dont encourage Vijay and stay back in the same status.. becos he has no creativity!!

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