Mahesh Babu is not comfortable with Tamil actors

Mahesh Babu
Mahesh Babu

Shankar’s upcoming venture of a remake on 3 Idiots seems to be wrapped in controversies endlessly. Everyone wants to comment on it. After all we never expected him to do a remake of Aamir Khan movie after raising the bar with Endhiran.

It has been reported that Vijay and Mahesh Babu will play Aamir Khans’s role in the Tamil and Telugu versions of the movie

Ileana is supposed to play the heroine for both the films.

Lately, Telugu hero Mahesh Babu came forward and displayed his disappointment at the choice of Tamil actors(Jeeva and Vinay Rai) in the Telugu remake of the movie.

The fact that the majority of the cast belong to the Tamil industry is a cause of worry for him as he thinks his role is one amongst the lead characters and having surrounded by Tamil artists he may lose his fans interest.

“Don’t you think its time we stop dividing actors based on their regional roots and appreciate them for their contribution towards art?

How can someone expect a change in the mindsets of upcoming actors when their role models themselves hesitate to act amongst their fellow Indians?”



  1. learnersreference com

    super mahesha namma than kirukku thanama rajinikantha thalaila thooki vachu kittu adarom…lesson for tamilians

  2. san33

    hey mokkha samy enna venum unnaku..   who knws whthr dis news is  true or nt..thevai illadha dialogues off pannu

  3. san33

    he wud have said dese actors are nt apt to the role… mite b it is blown as tamil actors.. by some1 else….also ippo telugu pesura indha role panna yarum iruka madhiri theriyala other than siddarth or allu arjun..

  4. Vasin

    Now Telugu folk believe they are superior to Thamilar. Cant blame them. If you compare hero to hero, parlimentarians to parlimentarians, professionals to professionals and peasants to peasants certainly we are last  of 4 in the south. Karnat and Jeyal have really crippled Thamilagam. We must get together to bring down someone like Sridhar Ramaswamy (Google) and make him our Chief Minister. 

  5. vsmsi

    if shanker opts all major actors to be tamilian then y to make in telugu with mahesh,just dub d movie into telugu… he got a very huge craze in all south…….it will tremendous hit ….for sure

    otherwise if he want to make a telugu version also .then opt for telugu actors ………mahesh view is 100% correct……it is not reginalism…..what shanker is doing is nothing but not giving respect/caring for telugu people or artists ……….it can be called as ……….regiona….

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