Madhu Shalini smokes 20 cigars everyday

Beautiful looking Madhushalini, who has successfully switched from her role as a television anchor to a full time heroine is facing some new challenges professionally. After playing a college girl in Avan Ivan she has gone ahead and signed a project with maverick director Ram Gopal Varma.

While her close association with RGV has been of much talk in industry circles the actress hold her stand saying, “It’s just a professional thing nothing more than that.” Paying heed to her professional commitments, she will be seen in a fresh new avatar as a female gangster in a movie titled Department. The flick directed and produced by RGV requires her to smoke up to 20 fat cigars on a daily basis. Speaking about her new found addiction the actress says, “I have to smoke at least 20 cigars every day and I totally hate the smell of it. I wish the movie completes soon and I can let go of this.” This new movie also stars actress Lakshmi Manchu who is happy to tag along Sanjay Dutt as his dutiful wife sans any smoking.

DISCLAIMER: Smoking is injurious to health and Madhushalini ’20’ a day too much.


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