Madhavan fell in a lake !


Madhavan celebrated his birthday enjoying a game of golf at the COG Hill Golf  Country Club, Chicago, USA. Keeping away from movies for a while, he has signed up to host the first SIIMA function in Dubai on 21st and 22nd June. SIIMA (South Indian International Movie Awards) will award deserving candidates from the Southern woods, and found Maddy as the best guy for the job.

Speaking about his golf adventures, he had a “crazy day at the golf course.” Maddy is also undergoing physiotherapy in USA for his busted knee. For his birthday he had friends come over at his place for some veg barbeque and was treated to a game of golf at COG Hill. He says, “Played golf in one of the top end courses in Chicago. Became so competitive that while taking aim and tried to avoid a geese.” The geese were lucky enough to have a considerate friend in Maddy who lost all control only to spin into the nearby lake. “I fell backward into the out stinking cold and smelly. But showered in the locker room,” says Maddy. He then went in to get some new clothes, freaking out the guy at the pro shop, dripping wet from head to toe. Neverthless, he was back to his usual game as he assured us saying, “crazy adventure. No injuries or trauma at all.HAD Fun.” Maddy, do watch out for the birdies on your next hole. You never know 🙂


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