Poet Vaali loved to party with top heroines

Lyricist Vaali loved to party with top heroines

Poet Vaali loved to party with top heroines

Even with his octogenarian looks poet Vaali still holds a special place among the Kollywood crowd, when it comes to inking those lyric sheets with magic. Not many know that this veteran lyricist was once a young man (Ok…that you all know….) who also made his silver screen entry way back in the 80’s with movies like  Poikal Kudhirai (1982) and  Sathya  (1988).

He marked his debut as an actor only after toiling in the industry as a lyricist for 21 long years. By this time every Kolly fan was pretty assured of this man’s illusive ways with the pen, as fans eagerly waited to sing to every other song penned by him. There have been a lot of ups and downs coming this long and now Vaali proudly owns the crown for the most number of lyrics in Tamil, with many of them turning out to be priceless gems. When quizzed what he missed from an era gone by, the wise-beard poet reveals with a smile, “Well back in those times we were young. I too dint mind to hop in for a party with the young heroines from the industry. But please don’t ask me who they were because not many are alive today”

Ah!Those were the days …wonder how many of us were born back then.



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