G Venket Ram Richa

Lensman Venky goes ga-ga over Richa’s beauty

G Venket Ram Richa

Popular still photographer Venket Ram (alias) Venky has gone ga-ga over the ‘beauty’ and ‘grace’ of actress Richa Gangopadhyaya. There have been instances in the past when still photographers and cinematographers have praised the beauty and grace of actresses whom they have worked with in the past. Yet, Venky’s fascination for Richa appears to know no bounds.

In Venky’s opinion, Richa resembles an ‘apple soaked in honey’. Richa, readers might recall, debuted in Tamil films as heroine opposite Dhanush in last year’s Mayakkam Enna which was directed by Selvaraghavan. She was appreciated not for her looks but for her sensitive portrayal of the wife of a struggling yet talented photographer played with aplomb by Dhanush in the film.

She also paired up opposite Simbu late last year in Osthe which didn’t fare as expected at the box-office. In fact, both her films in Tamil so far haven’t been box-office scorchers. Richa revealed her curvy and sexy figure in Osthe much to the chagrin of youths and has earned more fans after the film’s release. Venky, who shoots calendars featuring popular actresses, shot with the likes of Richa and Trisha for the 2012 edition of the calendar.

“To me, Richa resembles an apple soaked in honey…if a girl’s eyes are beautiful, she would look good in all kinds of costumes. Likewise, Richa looks good in all attires…in fact, the dresses worn by her would look good only on her….she’s the real epitome of beauty,” says Venky.

Even Richa appears to have been impressed by Venky’s stills shot for the calendar and expressed her appreciation to Venky.


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