Lara Dutta’s gown slips down at IIFA 2010 Function

Lara Dutta's gown slips down at IIFA 2010 Function

Bollywood hottie Lara Dutta reportedly had an ‘oops’ moment at the recently concluded IIFA awards in Sri Lanka.

The actress has rubbished rumours of a wardrobe malfunction, the low cut golden gown she wore at the IIFA awards in Colombo last weekend, slipped  parts she did not intend to reveal(Photo).

 Lara’s spokesperson is claiming that it is the shadow of her Purse which she was holding under her arm.

Reportedly, the actress stepped on the green carpet in an eye-popping golden gown that seemed to have been designed solely to highlight her curves.

The low-neck gown made many stop in their tracks, but also became an embarrassment for the actress when more than what she intended to show was revealed.

The buzz goes that at an event at IIFA when Lara went onto stage, a strap of her gown snapped. Though Lara Dutta held her nerve and walked backstage to fix the malfunction, she couldn’t prevent the onlookers a peekaboo of what ought to have remained hidden.

“Her strap was snapped and it was all visible. She couldn’t prevent a peekaboo” says a source, claiming that Lara then ran backstage to rearrange the dress.

The actress says the matter is ridiculous. “It’s ridiculous and insane to call it a malfunction. People are blind if they think a fashion icon will goof up with her dress. It’s merely the shadow of her Purse that she is holding under her arm that has led to silly sensationalism out of nothing,” says Lara’s spokesperson Divya Tejuja.

Well, a lesson for the future.



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