Lakshmi Rai ready to go go nude for James Cameron

Lakshmi Rai ready to go nude for James Cameron

 Lakshmi Rai ready to go nude for James Cameron

Well we are talking about THE James Cameron….not Director Shankar…the original one! Okay. In a recent chit-chat with the media Kanchana heroine Lakshmi Rai was volleyed the question – whether or not she would shed literally everything ala Titanic pose if director James Cameron asked her to do so.

To the surprise of many Lakshmi shot back saying, “Why not if the script demands me to do so, regardless of the fact that it might be a small role or not I’ll go for it.” ( Now let’s say she was over excited…right ? or….)  Readers might recall   that some time back while shooting for Priyadarshan’s “Arabiyum, Ottakavum, P. Madhavan Nairum” in the Al Kateena desert,Abu Dhabi Lakshmi got a surprise visit from the Avatar director himself. While Cameron and Priyadarshan discussed over movies, the Hollywood big-shot was really pleased to see Lakshmi’s portfolio. Later Lakshmi herself confirmed the good news saying,I will head to California to join the director soon.” Now with her Kollywood graph on the rise, she can surely take a big Hollywood lunge, with none other than James Cameron calling.

But babe don’t forget to cover yourself with a woolen jacket. We heard California is keeping it cold these days, don’t believe us…. ask Amala Paul if you want to ….:)



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