Lakshmi Rai enters Bollywood

Lakshmi Rai

She’s tall, has a pretty face and has a figure-to-die-for but for some reasons, actress Lakshmi Rai finds herself not too busy in Kollywood. At present, though, she is playing a significant role in Venkatprabu’s ‘Mangatha’, which would be actor Ajith’s 50th film. She is happy to be part of a significant film and hopes that the film puts her back in the reckoning in Kollywood.

Rai, who recently turned 23, is said to have celebrated her birthday in the rough waters of Arabian Sea on a boat off Mumbai. When quizzed about it, she says she did it just for the same of having some ‘fun and adventure’ with a group of friends. Wonder from where Lakshmi gets these ideas: cutting the cake in the middle of a sea!

She is busy in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu and reveals that she is in talks to play the lead role in a Hindi film. “Talks are on and are nearing finalization. As such, saying anything about it at this stage won’t look nice. I’ll let you know once the deal is through,” says Rai with her trademark smile in place.

Lakshmi is quite happy the way her Malayalam film career is going and claims that she is currently one of the ‘top actresses’ in Mollywood. She also says she’s ‘afraid of’ getting into rumours whenever she is in Tamil Nadu. “Even when I just go to watch a cricket match, it’s being made into a controversy,” laughs Rai.


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