KV Anand sacks Prakash Raj from Suriyas Maatraan

KV Anand pulls Prakash Raj out of Suriyas Maatraan

Director KV Anand is a man who stands strong to his decisions and can be a little un-comprising at times. Now only if his fellowmen knew this little secret that has taken KV to greater heights, evermore. First it was Simbu being sacked from his big 2011 blockbuster KO as we saw the birth of a new hero in Jeeva and now we here the case is the same with top-cat Prakash Raj too.(Given the fact that Prakash doesn’t need to prove his potential unlike ….ok you get it)

It happened so that Prakash and KV had some arguments over the Maatraan dates and finally when Prakash managed to present himself at the sets he vented his frustration by complaining about the irritating wig on his head. His assistants had a tough time convincing the actor that he looked wig-fully good, but to no avail Prakash denied again and again stating that the artificial bush-pack was making him look out-of-focus. A frustrated KV quietly watched all the drama unfold by the sides and finally had to ask Prakash to walk out for his non-cooperative wigi-tude. To replace Prakash, KV had to bring in a Bollywood actor Sachin Khedekar who was spotted in Deiva Thirumagal recently.

Prakash, now only if you could have kept a cool HEAD and yeah don’t forget your wig next time.




  1. Naan Kadavul

    (Given the fact that Prakash doesn’t need to prove his potential unlike ….ok you get it)…haha yeah we know Simbhu

  2. viewer USA

    okay- nobody’s indispensable- but prakashraj is prakashraj -he maybe a not so good person but he’s a great actor. and KV does have guts- good going man. i like the attitude

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