Kushboo warns Vijay against his Political entry


Actress Kushboo has warned Ilayathalapathy Vijay that he has to face many troubles and difficulties if he enters Politics.

Will Vijay enter politics or not? This seems to have become the favourite topic of discussion amongst everyone in Kollywood. There have been a lot of speculation that Vijay would either compaign for the AIADMK in the upcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly elections or offer support from the outside through his fans.

In this situation, in a recent interview, Kushboo who recently joined the ruling party DMK, while asking about Vijay’s political entry said, “Any one who are keen to serve the people, can definitely try their hands in politics. Vijay can also enter politics. However my personal advice to Vijay that entering politics is not recommended as fans are different from voters and not to miscalculate that all his fans would vote for him. Acting in movies is much easier than the work one has to do as a politician.”

There was much  speculation that Kushboo would be fielded in Thousand Lights constituency as Deputy Chief Minister MK Stalin may move to a ‘safer’ Kolathur constituency. However the DMK chief didn’t allocate the seat for her.



  1. OB1

    somehow i agree with her. polictics in any country is nasty,troublesome and problematic. Especially when election time. All sorts of accusation are thrown and some are downright dirty and sometimes the oppositions drag the whole family.  I am sure VJ is not ready for this hardcore political scenario right now. I am ardent vj fan. We need him to concentrate on giving us good fantastic movies…we dont want his attention diverted now….
    Vj can go into polictics when he is 45 or 50. When he is more seasoned in the polictical scenario. He had just experienced the tip of ice of polictical grit with his Kavalan issue. There will be more to it.

    So my wish is he stay out of politics now, but keep on doing his charity . Let his dad get into politics if they really want to oppose the opposition. Later on VJ can join him.

    But for now …we neeeeed youuuuu VJ. 

  2. stanly

    ura otha thevdiya munda ……..thalapthy ya kanidpa jaipa vaipon di thevdiya……….poi prabhu andsundar.c pula umbu

  3. stanly

    ne north side thana anga poi election la nilu di enga tamil nadu la nikata………..tamil nadu tamilazhan tha alanum……………….ne ena enga ayagiya tamizh magan thalapthy ku advice panra……………….otha adicha kuduba thooda tn a kali paniva …….ur a cal girl,bitch u hav stayed a night wid stalin

  4. bebo

    somehow she tries to be in the news.. recently she won an award – for the news maker 2010, during women’s day , so mite b she is trying for next year too

  5. BJP

    Namma Annan MGR Avargalee kudhikaal vettiya van than entha Kalainjar…   Antha avan Vijayee chumma vedumaa…. 

  6. Vasin

    Pombalena mothal test paarkumpothu sex feeling varanum; Kushbu OK; still OK. Antha kaalathla successful actress’a irnthiruka; so professionally OK. She is happily married. Wise’a pesera. English pesera. Naagareegama pesera. Ava 100 boy friends vechrinthalum and even if she enjoyed with 200 people it is her private life. Ongluku ennada Mokkai pasangala. Mooditu irnga.

  7. Vasin

    Aambalena mothal test paarkumpothu ponnungaluku sex feeling varanum. Vijay’a paarkumpothu sex feeling varuma? Vijay groin’a close up’la paarunga; balls irkara maathri theriyala. So first test’leye out; knock out!!!

  8. abc

    75 mokka kadhai yezhuthiya kezhattu ko innaiku CM a irukkum bothu yaaru venumnalum arasiyalukku varalam….yaaru venumnalum jeikalam di The***** mu***

  9. Kushboo here...

    Enakaga Kovil katenna negala eppadi pesureengae… Sari eppo ungaluku yenna thevae, Enodiya odamba….. vangae Alli saptungae…. Come on Guys, come take me.

  10. ram

    kushboo even if u black mail vijay about any shitty things, it doesnt matter to vijay fans and we will be supporting vijay. So stop shitting vijay and go behind dmk ass. fuck off.

  11. OB1

    i dont understand, we r talking abt his career and u r talking abt his groin n buttocks. where is the connection mr????

    I hope we have sensible ppl in these forum.

  12. Vasin

    Ha Ha! Do you question my sense and intellect? Ha Ha! We are talking about someone who could make a profound influence on our stupid youngsters; not the clever ones but as usual they are always the minority.

  13. Vasin

    And can’t you see in the photos that Vijay in order to maintain the college boy look has gone wrong in balancing food and exercise? You lack depth.

  14. Mayir Alagan

    MGR – the man of the poors
    MK – the man of the literates
    JJ – the woman of the power
    VKO – the man of words
    VK – the man of honesty (to  his producers and party members)
    VR – the man of his father (SAC)
    MKS – the man of Chennai
    MKA – the man of Madurai
    MKK – the woman of Delhi
    RD – the man of panruti
    AMRD – the man of Delhi
    SK – the man of his wife

    So, there no man for Tamil Nadu yet.

  15. OB1

    Excuse me everyone make changes to suit the character they play. Surya pumped up to 6 pax, Rajni put a mega super duper wig and a bald head for sivaji, Mahesh Babu is pumping up his pyshic for Ponniyin Selvan (so I read)  and what did Kamal do for his mamatha anbu ? he went on diet to look young bcoz Ravi Kumar wtd a younger Kamal…For all we know he cud hv gone for a botox!

    FYI Vj had always looked young for his age and he need not do liposuction, botox or anything to change his pyshic. If Shankar had chose VJ for this role , than one should know  the judgement is sound and reliable.

    Anyway if VJ did do smtg to change his physic I dont see what is wrong with that, as I dont see anything disfugered. Why even Jeeva had been exercising to get a college boy look. Srikanth shaved his moustache. Now why are u picking on VJ?  

    On VJ ‘s influence on your youngsters, that is still  subjective . Since u urself said if they do get influenced and its minority, I am sure its not going to do any harm to the majority.

    Am I questionng yr sense and intellect?  It all depends on yr take on this msg. 

  16. Vasin


    Naan elthinatha thappa purinjukittu pesareenga!

    How can I be sure but I guess Vijay maintains an inadequate diet to be slim. Buttocks and groin la flesh or flesh density illa; that is why pants look unfilled; baggy pants’a irntha kooda if you are well groomed it would sit well on you. I want our boys to eat well. I don’t want them get influenced by Vijay’s appearance which is hailed by you all but is not good actually. Ajith and Surya are well filled. Mathathu minority’nu naan mean pannathu cautious ones’a athavathu Vijay’a kurututhanama follow pannathavangala.

  17. arunefx

    உன்னை போன்ற எச்சகலைகள் அதைகூர எந்த தகுதியும் இல்லை .
    ராமதாஸ் உன்னை மேட்டூரில் செருப்பால் அடித்தது மறந்து இன்று
    அவர்களுடனே சேர்ந்து சுத்தும் மானம்கெட்ட நாயே
    உனது நாவை அடக்கி வை .
    ஒரு இளைஞனை அரசியலுக்கு வரகூடாது என்று சொல்பவன் முட்டாள் .
    விஜய்க்கு சேவை மனப்பான்மை உள்ளது அவர் நடிகர் என்ற ஒரு காரனத்தினால்
     அரசியலுக்கு வரகூடாது என்று சொல்வது கோமாளித்தனம் .

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