Kushboo Joins DMK

Kushboo Joins DMK

Actress Kusbhoo is joining the DMK Party today says the Party sources

Three weeks back Supreme Court dismissed all the 23 cases against Kusbhoo for her interview to a magazine on pre-marital sex, after which Kushboo met the press and said she would not hesitate to accept a political platform if offered. and went on to say “I am a great fan of the Congress,Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi and I would like to join the party,” Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president K V Thangkabalu has welcomed the actress’s decision to join the party and said, “Anyone who is ready to accept the leadership of Soniaji is welcome.”

Click here to Watch the press meet of Kushboo after supreme court verdict.

At this stage Kushboo joining DMK is a certain bouncer, while polictical analyst say the actress is trying to gain mileage by double playing. As even earlier to the actress showing interest in Congress she was offered the newly created MLC post by Karunanidhi himself.

Now the latest news is today at around 5.00 PM Kushboo is said to join the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in the presence of the DMK leader Kalignar Karunanidhi.



  1. Anonymous

    Puranthathu Punjabla as Naggarth Khan
    entered bollywood – no big hit
    entered Tamil nadu- OMG temple was build, now it is crushed down.
    lived with Prabhu – Sivaji Ganeshan kicked her out
    got pregnant with Sundar c. married illichavayan Sundar C.
    Film career diminshes, makes road for politics got blessing from jayalalitha during pregnancy, after the child birth kalaignar comes to rule- falls in kalaignar legs.
    Politics starts-but make a comment on sex,get public attention wins at court.now people say "Kushboo is bold women"

    now MLC later what .. CM to tamil nadu.

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