Sri Lanka Civil War

Kollywood reacts to Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields

Sri Lanka Civil War

A documentary footage on the Sri Lankan Civil war has made it to televisions sets across the globe. Titled “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields 2 – Unpunished War Crimes”, the video presented by Jon Snow takes a deeper look into the 25 year long war. Watching the clip Kollywood celebrities vented out their anger openly, as it came as a shocker to many.

Unveiling the dark curtains, it has some grotesque imagery showing Tamil civilians mercilessly assaulted by the Sri Lankan army. Maker Jon Snow revealed that the hour long documentary was delayed owing to the brutal nature of killings caught on camera, which had to be edited. Actor Simbu who is back done with his ‘Love Anthem for World Peace’ reached out saying, “In a state of shock after witnessing the huge cry & Genocide of kids at killing fields in Srilanka. Wish it ends soon. My voice is for Tamils.” Some of the footage caught LIVE; was extremely disturbing by all means, captured using mobile phones by the ones who helplessly witnessed the events first hand.  Composer Harris Jayaraj who had dedicated a song from his recent 7aam Arivu album titled ‘Innum Enna Thoza’ to the people of Tamil Ezham says, “One feels like to severely condemn Sri Lanka after seeing the brutal killing of 12 year old boy.” Sad, indeed.


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