Kollywoods gaga over Sehwags double ton

Kollywood gaga over Sehwag’s double ton

Kollywoods gaga over Sehwags double ton

219 off just 149 balls! Now you can’t even divide those two numbers and the remainder whatever it maybe will be smashed by Sehwag again. So what’s the use even if you arrive at a believable solution. For a better option, we’d suggest you go out and enjoy a game of cricket but wait ….just read through if you dint understand all that was written above.

Well it was something similar that the West Indian bowlers faced putting in delivery after delivery trying  to send the little man back home – but all they could do was scratch their heads simply puzzled. Virender Sehwag was in his elements; headstrong sparing none. His brilliant knock even surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s earlier held record with the crowd up in roar. But if you thought you were the only one watching something special, wait a sec,  looks like Kollywood just had a day off .Die-hard cricket fan Siddharth cried out loud, “Viruviruviruviruviruviruviruviruviru. Period!”  after experiencing all that drama. Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin who was back from his court rounds too enjoyed the game as he exclaimed, “Sehwag crosses Sachins 200! What a knock!”

Sehwag, that was some great entertainment ! Keep it ticking !



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