KO Success brings headache to Simbu


Now that actor Jiiva’s latest film ‘KO’ has become one of the biggest money-spinners of recent times and is drawing crowds in huge numbers to the theatres across Chennai and elsewhere, attention has shifted to Simbu who was originally approached by K.V. Anand to play the lead role in the film. Due to some ‘difference of opinion’, Simbu opted out of the film last year and Jiiva stepped in as the last-minute replacement.

Even as Jiiva is getting accolades for his role, Simbu has been getting brick-bats on all possible social networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Orcut, etc. A huge debate has been raging among Simbu’s fans with some of them questioning Simbu’s wisdom in rejecting such a ‘sure-fire’ script and the others defending their favourite star’s decision to opt out of the film to save his ‘self-respect’.

Simbu, meanwhile, is not at all amused at comments about a film starring ‘another hero’ flooding his social networking web-sites. Simbu has been frantically posting his view that it’s not ‘proper’ on the part of his fans to dissect a film not starring him and starring another hero. “No need for anyone to belittle the film. It’s entirely an actor’s prerogative to accept or refuse a particular film offer. I have been in this field for the past many years.

“So, I appeal to all my fans to stop this ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ debate at once. My ‘Vaanam’ is hitting the screens on the 29th of this month. I would be extremely happy if all you guys take time out to make the film a colossal success at the box-office; that’s my only request,” writes Simbu.

Will anyone listen to him?



  1. KOGI`

     Its an awesome movie, most of the people would be thanking for him not acting in KO n spoiling it. Jivaa way better than him…

  2. KOGI`

    simbhu is over rated and over acting actor….u should learn frm others! be respect to others..u n ur father think u’ll king of tamil nadu….

  3. jeeva

    simbu rejected the offer bcos it has another hero and nair as heroine. the film mainly for nair superiority which simbu doesnt like. kathika nair oru kakka.

    jeeva says he feels betrayed in the film as nair given equal to hero role even though she is new. thats how malayalee nair will betray you tamil guys.

    dont trust malayalee nair/menon rest of the malayalee are ok

  4. jeeva

    dont trust malayalee nair/menon rest of the malayalee are ok

    jeeva was given less important role than karthiga nair. fcuk

  5. bebo

    crap !!! Indians are the best as individuals but fails to be united with any one .. north and south discrimination , south la south kuda prob telugu dnt like tamil vice versa , tamil dnt like malayalis n vice versa.. north and east n west discrimination..sollavey vendam kannada ppl.. hmm freeya vidunga guys..indha divide rule policy ellam thalunga lets be toghtr as Indians .. every1 have  their rights to speak and do whatevr they wish to.. u cant xpect some1 to be like what v want to be .. if at alll dnt bring caste,religion,region,race discrimination.. just press ignore buttn if u dnt like..but dnt spread discrimination ,stay untied n be happy.. 

  6. sushi

    ya i go wuth wat KOGI said. jeeva suit better for a journalist role,simbu wouldnt be that gud. jeeva rocks!!1

  7. simbu

    jeeva,character is important not just thinking we are the superior and all(ex:simbu)….suggestion-plz stop coping from others simbu.STR suck

  8. Aravind

    Always be a director s actor…rather than following u r own ideas always…if u believe in directors then act in their movies without interfereing them…or else direct u r own movies and acts….dont be a fool…..

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