Ko Audio Launch on December 10

Ko poster
Ko poster

The audio launch for the flick Ko is expected to be held this December 10, 2010.It will be a mega event to be witnessed by many. The movie also marks the return of the hit duo of KV Anand-Harris Jayaraj combination. We already know that the songs have been shot beautifully and will be a visual treat exploring the locales of Norway, China and many spiritual places including the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

Many will remember ‘Vasigara’ from Minnale sung by Bombay Jayashree who will enchant us yet again with her magical notes in a song called ‘Munpaniya’ for Ko. Another highlight for the film is Madhan Karky who contributed the lyrics for the teaser song Kuviamilla sung by Aalaap Raaju which has really turned heads even before the audio release.

It is known that RS Infotainment had set a hefty 1 crore for the audio rights and the company did not let go with an easy compromise even though they were offered 75 lakhs , nevertheless there are still others fighting it out for a profitable deal.

With all that pre release hype many fans are expecting Ko to be a chart buster from Harris yet again.Let’s see if it lives upto it’s expectations.


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