Khushboo reiterates statement that people have ‘lost’

Happy Khushboo

Actress Khushboo has once again reiterated her statement made a few months ago that it was the people and not the DMK which ‘lost’ the April elections. Khushboo joined the DMK last year and campaigned extensively for the party prior to the Assembly elections. Many wonder how DMK’s unprecedented rout makes Khushboo speak the way she has been doing. In fact, it is even perceived as if the actress was ‘mocking’ her own party!

The DMK secured just 31 seats, a number which was less than one-fifth of the seats it had held in the Assembly earlier. This historic defeat appeared to have ‘calmed down’ many party bigwigs but not Khushboo, who is so naïve in politics. Speaking at a roadside public meeting against price rise, Khushboo verbally took to task the Amma, the AIADMK supremo and chief minister.

“(New) Secretariat has been ignored…It appears that her (Amma’s) intent is only in building more and more hospitals…don’t know the reason behind her sudden love for hospitals…She used to take long rest at Kodanadu when she was out of power…even after becoming chief minister, she doesn’t think twice about going to the place to relax and take rest….

“Did the public vote for her to go and rest at some resort? Didn’t they vote for her with the faith that something good would befall them? She has only ditched them. Like I said earlier, the DMK didn’t lose but it was the people who ‘lost’ by voting for Amma….” the actress-turned-politician’s speech ended thus.


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