Sathya Siva

Kazhugu director Sathyasiva made young girl attempt suicide

Sathya Siva

Kazhugu director Sathyasiva has a new story to tell. This time he has not one but two police complaints filed against him. The director was allegedly involved in a relationship with a young girl, employed with the production wing for Kazhugoo.

“I met Sathya at Pattiyal Shekar sir’s production company. He proposed to me but I dint accept the offer initially. Then he threatened me with suicide, so I thought he really meant it and was serious about me. We then started going out together”, claimed a young Sivaranjani. But she felt betrayed knowing that the director was chasing two other girls in similar passion  uh….fashion.  Knowing about his doubling play, Sivaranjani asked him to fix a date to meet her parents and Sathya agreed to meet them on March 18th. Meanwhile things got more troublesome, as producer Pattiyal Shekar filed a case against Sathya. The Kazhugu director had stolen a three-film contract he had signed with the producer, stealing the documents from his private drawer.

Sathya managed to make duplicate office keys for the noble cause and starting narrating scripts to other producers. This got Pattiyal filing a case with the Nadigar Sangam, Producers’ Council and the Directors’ Union. His employee Sivaranjani was not spared either. Sathya never turned up to visit her parents as promised on March 18th.Well this time Sivaranjani went for the suicide pills, and was admitted for 18 long days in a critical condition,looked after by her parents. Her lover boy and Kazhugu director Sathyasiva did make efforts to do the hospital rounds. But it wasn’t long before he got engaged with his new movie commitments, forgetting about the young girl, he proposed love to, threatening with suicide himself in first place. Sivaranjani has filed a case with the commissioner on May 9th and grieves, “Even if he comes back now I have made up my mind not to marry him.” Fools for Love.


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